RATS Tourniquet

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If you've taken any of my classes, you know one of my mantra's is "you shouldn't have the ability to make holes in people until you have the ability to fix holes in people."  I always carry an emergency first aid kit consisting of the bare necessities and one of those necessities is a tourniquet. 

From RATS own website: 

R.A.T.S – Rapid Application Tourniquet – is the fastest tourniquet on the market and proven in combat. The RATS uses a solid vulcanized rubber core with a nylon sheath, combined with a unique locking mechanism that creates an incredibly fast tourniquet to apply to self or others. No other tourniquet compares to the RATS when being used under stress in terms of time or ease of use.

What I like about the RATS system is that it's:

  • compact: I can throw it in a briefcase, glovebox, back/cargo pocket, etc. 
  • easy to use
  • versatile: it's useful for things OTHER than stopping critical bleeds.  Any time you need cordage, lashing, tie downs, etc. the RATS works GREAT.  I've used it on hikes to secure my rain gear to my backpack when it stopped raining several times. It can reduce the amount of kit you need to carry.
  • works on smaller limbs, like young children and dogs.

When time matters, seconds count. It only costs $18.95 to potentially save a life.