BMF Wallet

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There's a story behind this one.

A few months ago, I lost my wallet in an Uber. I immediately called the Uber driver and told him my wallet was in his back seat. He pulled over and looked for it but kept asking me to describe the wallet. In my head, I was just thinking, "If there's a wallet in your backseat it's that one." Then the diner scene from Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction popped into my mind and I just wanted to just tell the guy, "It's the one that says 'Bad Motherf*cker.'" 

I never got my wallet back.

But I remembered that my good pal Larry over at Resolute Leather Company hand makes some incredible wallets right here in Alexandria, VA so I asked him if he had any in stock. I told him the story about the Uber and, when I went to pick my new wallet up, he had it stamped with "BAD MOTHERF*CKER." I was in love and showed it to everyone I could think of. They were in love too and many, many people asked me where I got it and then told me they couldn't find it on Resolute's website. They were bummed when I told them it was a custom, one-off thing.

Over beers and cigars a few months later, Larry and I decided to change that.

Now you can have your very own, handmade, right here in Alexandria, VA limited-edition "BAD MOTHERF*CKER" wallet so that if you're ever in a situation where you have to describe your wallet to someone, you'll have the right words to do so.

This wallet is a customized "Duke Street" wallet from Resolute Leather Company. It's made from beautiful Wicket & Craig buck brown leather, hand-cut, hand-sewn, hand-sanded, hand-finished, and, yes, hand-stamped in small, family-owned leather shop right here in the good ol' US of A. Since they're completely hand-made, no two are exactly alike, the way leatherwork was intended to be.

It's an 8-pocket design to hold all your necessary cards snuggly and securely and, let me tell you, this thing ages beautifully.

It's an extremely limited run available in two varieties: stamped outside where everyone can see it and stamped inside where your kids or coworkers won't see it unless you show them. But you'll know it's there.

If you want one, either because you love Pulp Fiction, love Protect & Defend or just love hand-made, American-made leather goods, you better grab it now. They will not last and when they're gone, they might be gone for good. 

Buy American. Buy small. 

NOTE: The Duke Street wallet is a "front pocket" card-holder.  It doesn't have a slot for cash. I've been carrying one for almost a year and simply fold my cash in half and tuck it inside. I haven't lost a dollar yet.