Where is your range?

Our private range in WV is no more. The county began developing the land behind the range, creating an unsafe shooting environment. We always knew it was a possibility and we're thankful for the time we had on it. That's the short answer.

The long answer is that we've recently purchased acreage near our old range and are building a new range on it. It should be ready in early 2021.

If you want to shoot locally, we recommend and use Sharpshooters Small Arms Range in Lorton, VA.

I'm no longer interested in the class.  Can I get a refund?

If you've signed up for a class and miss your class date: No. That seat was held for you and, therefore, not available for other students. All of my classes have waiting lists, often exceeding the size of the class themselves.

If you're signed up for a future class: Ideally, we'd like to reschedule you for a date more convenient to you. 

When I come to pick up a gun, where can I park?

As stated on the FFL Page, I'm a home-based FFL. My neighbors are exceedingly patient with my home-based business and I'd like to not create any inconvenience for them in order to keep things friendly. You may park in any guest spot, which, in my neighborhood, is anything that's NOT a driveway. There is ample guest parking in my neighborhood. Please do not block my driveway.

 Do you sell/have this gun/ammo/holster/magazine?

As a home-based FFL, I do not have a retail storefront for browsing. I also stock very little, if any, inventory. If you need something that you can't find elsewhere I'm happy to source it from my distributors and get it to you at a fair price.

How much do you charge for xxx ammunition?

Ammunition is in world-wide short supply as of this writing (August 2020). We do not have ammunition to sell and we do not have ammunition with which to take students to the range. Even well-stocked or reasonably well-stocked ranges have got severe ammunition shortages and are limiting shooters to 1 box of 25 or 50 rounds per visit. If you want to shoot it will be difficult and expensive in these times. I highly, highly recommend Next Level Training SIRT pistols to fill the void while we wait for things to repopulate, which, if the rumors that I'm hearing that the mines from which the raw materials to make ammunition in South America are closed due to COVID are true, could be quite some time.