FFL Services

Protect and Defend is a home-based, class 3 Federal Firearms Licensee conveniently located in the Kingstowne area of Northern, VA between Springfield and Alexandria. Here is some helpful information to make your purchase or transfer proceed smoothly and without issue. 

New Firearms

While we do not maintain much on-site inventory, we can procure firearms through our network of distributors at very competitive prices.

Online Sale Firearm Transactions

We support firearms transfers for online purchases at $25 (+$10/firearm for additional firearms transferred in the same transaction).  Transfer fees are accepted in cash or credit - personal checks are not accepted.  Our license is on file at many popular online retailers.

NFA transfers are $100 and include 2 sets of fingerprints, passport photos, all paperwork and postage to ATF-NFA Branch and your local Chief Law Enforcement Officer. 

If you have purchased a firearm at an online retailer with which we are not currently on file, please fill out the form below so we can coordinate with the seller to facilitate the transfer and shipping.