Next Level Training SIRT (Shot-Indicating, Resetting Trigger)

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"What gets measured, gets better."

Get the single best dry-fire training tool money can buy. The laser trainer, the size, shape, and weight of one of the most popular handguns in the world, the Glock 17, allows you effortless dry-fire practice with immediate feedback and a resetting trigger. No more dismantling your gun, installing a replacement barrel or guide rode, no more having to rack the slide between shots.  Just present, press the trigger, and improve your shooting.

Next Level Training has removed a major pain point of laser-aided dry-fire training: the requirement to dismantle and replace parts on your factory guns. 

Available in two sizes/formats:

  • The standard size is the size and shape of a Glock 17, it will fit in ANY Glock 17 holster or an open-bottom Glock 19 or Glock 26 holster.
  • The Single Stack, subcompact has features that are similar to any variety of ultra compact pistols.

Both arecompletely compatible with dozens of commercially available laser targets, smart-phone apps, etc.